The following requirements must be met before Promotion from 1st Dan to 2nd Dan will be authorized.

  1. All promotion requirements for 1st Dan must be met.
  2. A minimum of two years must have passed since 1st Dan acquisition.
  3. Candidate must be at least 12 years old at the time of Grading.
  4. Candidate must be able to perform the following Kata: Tensho, Saifa, Tsukino and Kihono kata San.
  5. Candidate must be able to instruct all Kata of up to all 1st Dan Kata.
  6. Candidate must be able to perform fifty consecutive 5-fingertip pushups.
  7. Candidate must be able to break 2 regulation boards with 4 techniques standard in tournament tameshiwari (seiken, shuto, enpi and sokuto).
  8. Candidate must demonstrate excellent skill in Kumite. (20-man Kumite or equivalent must be held at Grading.)
  9. Candidate must have excellent ability to teach and must possess the personality of a teacher.
  10. Candidate must be sure to fulfill other requirements specific to their branch, such as participation in seminars, camps and tournaments.