Sabakido Karate is a combat system based on circular and direct techniques, developed for self-defense, it is the first Norway system and the only school in the country of said system. To the work of sabaki (circular movements) the combinations of techniques of legs and hand, projections, sweeps and techniques of submission are added to finish with a “todome” defining blow. At the moment of the competition it is carried out in the branch of full contac, where the total contact and the development of all the techniques of feet, hands and handles (sabaki) allowed are allowed. This competition system is used since it is the closest way to a real combat and is necessary for the preparation of the student. Our system also includes all kinds of combat techniques, such as fists to the face and other branches. We do not close the doors to all kinds of techniques that can be used for the student and make a difference in real combat, also include traditional and conventional weapons for instruction in the highest grades. In our system all these ineffective techniques have been discarded, to develop those we will use, so in a short time anyone can make use of this system for their personal safety. This system for its practicality and effectiveness today is trained by security forces and police. Also internationally we have representation in themeny countries of Afghanistan, Brazil, India, Romania, Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan,Nepal, Indonesia,Norway,Germany, Niger,Brasil,Italia and other many countries continuing to expand leaving aside politics, religion and economic conditions, thinking simply of developing the real budo  and creating a better person for our just society and strong convictions.