The Kihon is a list of basic moves executed in a specific order and stance.

This list was previously created by Sosai Oyama,

which has been completed today by the composition of Sabaki in this list by Kancho Abbas Ekhtiyari,

which based on the grades and training history of students should be performed 100 times a day and they should master it.

Learning and practicing the kihon is one of the tasks that any beginner in Kyokushin Sabakido must accomplish.


When performing these moves and attacks, practice with strength and force.

After repeating a particular technique six times try pushing yourself harder using your Kiai.


Working Stance: Migi Sanchin Dachi

  • Seiken chudan tsuki
  • Seiken jodan tsuki
  • Uraken shomen uchi
  • Uraken sayu uchi
  • Uraken hizo uchi
  • Uraken mawashi uchi
  • Seiken ago uchi

Working Stance: Kiba Dachi

  • Seiken shita tsuki
  • Hiji jodan ate

Working Stance: Hidari Sanchin Dachi

  • Jodan uke
  • Chudan soto uke
  • Chudan uchi uke
  • Gedan Barai
  • Chudan uchi uke gedan barai

Working Stance: Migi Sanchin Dachi

  • Shuto gammen uchi
  • Shuto sakotsu uchi
  • Shuto sakotsu uchi komi
  • Shuto uchi uchi
  • Shuto hizo uchi

Working Stance: Zenkutsu Dachi

  • Mae keage

Working Stance: Heiko Dachi

  • Uchi mawashi geri
  • Soto mawashi geri
  • Hiza geri
  • Kin geri
  • Mae geri
  • Sokuto yoko keage
  • Sokuto yoko geri
  • Sokuto kansetsu geri
  • Ushiro geri
  • Mawashi geri

Working Stance: Zenkutsu Dachi

  • Enkei gyaku tsuki
  • Renkaku (while moving forward : mae geri, yoko geri, ushiro geri, chudan uchi uke, chudan gyaku tsuki)