Kancho Akbar Ruohparvar the founder of the Super Sabaki style, started martial arts in 1968 and continued in Kyokushin karate in 1975. He started coaching since 1975 to educate young people and students, and they are known for heroes and sportsmen in martial arts.

  He has served as the chairman of the Karate Shargame Board and is a member of the Karate Federation Technical Committee. He is currently a member of the Technical Committee and the head of the National Team of Iran’s Martial Arts Federation.

  Technical advancement and belt acquisition, technical coaching and international coaching classes in the Netherlands in 1986, third appearance in Kyokushin (Japan) competitions, participation in central Kyokushin and Ashihara Japan for two consecutive years And taking the Ashihara Karate style representation, winning the K-1 International Championship (Yokohama Japan – 1992) is featured in their work.

  The titles include the third place in the Danish Championship, the Moscow Open Cup victory, the first place in the Abu Dhabi tournament, the third place in the Danish tournament for its honors.

  He established the Super Sabaki style in 2005 and in 2005 the formalization of this style was registered and announced by the Federation of Martial Arts.