Hello dear senpai.sensi.shihan and kaicho .. best wishes . I am YOUSEF SHIRZAD(9the DAN) I practiced martial arts for fifty years and twenty years of practice with Mas Oyama .. until the last moment remained faithful to the ideals of Mas Oyama .I Found kyokushin in IRAN1975 i found INTERNATINAL SHIRZAD KYOKUSHIN SHINZEN 1994 very happy to see you . I am happy with the power and love of martial arts continue . I hope! We can help you , a big difference in the world to do martial arts . I hope the experience of half a century twenty -year-old practice of martial arts and special training in martial arts with the largest character ! Mas Oyama late ! I pass on to you . International SHIRZAD KYOKUSHIN Shin Zen ! Was founded after the death of Mas Oyama . In 1994 .. Inspired by martial arts has opened a new way of thinking Mas Oyama . The organization is open to all scholars . Heroes , founders, and veteran martial arts . The purpose of this organization. Open communication between martial artists , launches new route in free karate , solidarity , discipline and philanthropy . Kyokushin Zen ! New way in free karate world … I hope soon to meet all your friends . KANCHO YOUSEF SHIRZAD (9the DAN) FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF INTRNATIONAL SHIRZAD KYOKUSHIN SHINZEN ORGANIZATION1994